Connected devices


Internet of Things

From medical automotive tools to home and communication devices, real-world objects are joining the internet.


Smart devices

Objects become “smart” when they do more than what’s in their inherited nature. Yet today’s smart devices are moving far beyond basic machine-to-machine communication — we’re now seeing an advanced level of connectivity between two independent systems.

With connected devices, modern technologies are designed to give the user a greater, faster, safer and smarter experience.


How it works?

We always assess whether IoT projects have the potential to add value to the user experience and create a market shift. If there’s a chip in your device, we can work with you to deliver maximum benefit to your target market.

In the era of widespread computing, devices can be connected in a variety of ways — most commonly through smartphone-centric and hub-centric architecture. When necessary, devices can function with their own cellular connection.


The simplest way to connect devices is via NFC, Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled chips. Bluetooth and NFC detect and enable technology to communicate without the need for an internet connection. However, they work only in close proximity. With WiFi, on the other hand, devices can be monitored and controlled remotely.

How we help


Jump-start your schedule

With a turn-key cross-disciplinary team



Reduce costs

Combining market knowledge with co-creation methodology.



Minimize risks

Minimize marketing and technical risks.



Accelerate time to market 

Drawing on our solid expertise in industrial design, UX, and IoT engineering, and best practices.


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