Quality assurance


Software testing & QA

QA services 

What we do?

 Automation QA

  Load & Performance QA

 Security QA

 Test Advisory, Test management & consulting 

 Manual functional testing

How we do this?

Our QA engineers are versatile and integrate smoothly with all teams to drive projects forward. We realize that offering feedback to the design team and handling customer support is not a traditional part of software testing—then again, nothing about Infinum is traditional. We believe quality assurance is about being flexible and doing whatever we can to get the best software in front of our clients.


Quality metrics

We use our own strict quality metrics to track improvement. This process guarantees that every product we deliver satisfies the criteria of stability, usability, usefulness, desirability and value for the client and the end-user.

Our approach


Audit research and Plan

Prioritized improvements Roadmap/plan.


Technical Consulting

Setup QA processes, approaches, frameworks, tools and learn.


Supporting Monitor

QA maturity and full independency.


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