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Runforce store is an official dealer of Garmin
multisport watches.


Runforce store is an official dealer of garmin watches. Garmin is an American company, the producer of GPS navigator of navigational technology. Garmin manufactures navigators for air, road, motor and water transport, as well as tourists and athletes.



Research & discovery / Content Architecture / UX Design /
UI Design


Our task was to develop a fascinating site that would convey in spirit and mood goals that are close to the buyer of Garmin watches. Site had to show all the differencies between models, their benefits and compairing.

The site presents the flagman generation of Garmin watches Fenix 5. It includes 3 models 5, 5s and 5x. Each model of watches also has an extended Plus version. We designed stylish website, that is fully informative for a client and presents benefits of each model.


The design and is supported through load effects and animations that make the page and product images come to life.

An important aspect was to show all the lines of the 5th generation of watches, so we decided to make a clear understanding of what design they have, what are the key characteristics and differences between different series.

Catalog design

We represented main 3 models on one screen, what helps user see how these models look like and whar price they have. Also each card react on hover and show full watches. The “learn more” button leads us to the compare page, where are represented two models of selected series – ordinary version and Plus version. On this page user can compare both models to each other, study technical characterictics and differences, and make an order.

Brand perception improved positively, conversion increased by 25% and 90% of people surveyed liked the new style.

Optimized basket &
checkout flow

We developed the ability to make a purchase immediately from the main page. the user has the opportunity to interactively choose between models 5, 5c and 5x. And also choose the most liked model design


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